Dariusz Kurcman



Dariusz holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. He has gained 16 years of work experience for SIR, including 12 years at positions related to the development of the non-governmental sector in Poland. He has also managed projects supporting the process of using EU funds and the development of the social economy sector:
– Regional Center for the ESF (11/2008 – 12/2014)
– Kielecko-Ostrowiecki Social Economy Support Centre (09/2016 – 08/2019 and 09.2019 – now).
Apart from the above-mentioned duties, Dariusz has provided advisory services for the NGO sector for 7 years becoming the manager and the key advisor of the Social Economy Support Center accredited by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy in 2016. He has also cooperated with the local municipal administration – in particular at the local and regional level developing new project proposals and exchanging good practices in the area of social economy.
Finally, Dariusz, as a person who possesses a wide range of knowledge on the septicity of EU funds, has conducted numerous training, workshops; provided consultations and advisory services – in particular on social economy, NGOs and obtaining European funds issues. In 2019 he completed the “School of Trainers” course and received the training certificate which is valid till 2025.
Since July 2019 Dariusz has served on the SIR Board of Directors as a Treasurer.