About Us


Association Integration and Development (SIR) was registered on 21st June 2001 in Kielce, Poland. Association’s activity is concentrated on development of the local societies, provision of support to the initiatives of local societies, culture and promotion of national heritage, as well as sports, recreation, environmental protection, health promotion, social services, improvement of rehabilitation of the disabled, and on development of the education, science and technology sectors. Our main goals are: actions towards Civil Society Development, increasing opportunities for social dialogue, and platforms for communication for the local society with national and international actors, awareness raising and promotion of integration and cooperation with the European Union, enhancing establishment of partnerships and cooperation between EU countries and new Member States and Eastern Europe, supporting all initiatives aimed at local development and improvement of social and economic sectors, development of local entrepreneurship and employment, including mitigating unemployment, support to people out-of-employment, creation of new job opportunities, enhancing cooperation between employers and entrepreneurs, initiation, promotion, and implementation of projects concentrated on supporting the development of entrepreneurship, working in favour of creation of a system for financial support for Small and Medium Enterprises, sustainable development of the rural areas, including rural economy and national heritage protection, supporting the development of the rural areas in line with the EU regulations, actions towards environmental protection, social assistance and rehabilitation of the disabled, marginalised or vulnerable people, endangered with social exclusion, scientific activities and integration of people who share objectives related to the association mission, creation of the platform for support to all initiatives aimed at exchange of experience and enhancement of cooperation with relevant actors, supporting the dialogue between citizens and the institutions of the European Union.
Since 2001 Association has implemented various projects financed within the European Union Funds, Operational Programme Human Capital. SIR is actively applied within various – national and international projects. What is more, the association also conducts educational activities to promote the process of integration with the European Union and to increase the cooperation with countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Through its activities, SIR is providing support to local initiatives through the exchange of experiences and animating cooperation between Civil Society Actors. Another sector of Association’s activity is to initiate projects in the area of the labour market in order to support jobseekers by trainings, internships and subsidies to start their own business.

Timeline – selected activities

On April 28th transnational partners meeting under the project “Read, Summarize, Verify and Publish” was held to close the project activities. Due to the epidemic situation, it was arranged online.

On January 1st we started the project “Business Academy for young people” in partnership with Kielce Technology Park. The planned project completion date is 30.06.2022.

On March we started the project “Training apartments as a chance for independence” in partnership with the San Giovanni Foundation. Planned deadline for the project activities is 31.03.2022.


On 18-22 November in Kielce C1 training under the project “YESS – Youth Enterprise Shadowing Schemes” was organized by SIR. The activity was attended by 12 participants from Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Poland.

On September 1st we started the project “Kielce-Ostrowiecki Ośrodek Wsparcia Ekonomii Społecznej (OWES)” implementation of which we are the leader. The planned date of the project completion – 30.06.2023.

Between July 7 – 12 in Citta della Pieve (Italy) a five-day training within the project “Read, Summarize, Verify and Publish” was held.

In June the Board of the Association for Integration and Development was changed. The current Board is represented by: Paweł Cycuła (President), Anna Łukasik (Vice President), Dariusz Kurcman (Treasurer).

On 7th June in Palermo (Italy) the third transnational partners meeting of the project “YESS – Youth Enterprise Shadowing Schemes” took place. SIR was represented by Michał Kosecki (Vice-president) and Konrad Materek (Treasurer). The project is implemented under the Erasmus + program.

On May 1st we began the implementation of the project “Zagnańsk Commune – senior citizen-friendly” in partnership with the Community Social Welfare Centre in Zagnańsk. The planned date of completion of the project – 30.04.2022.

On April 1st we began the project “ZAZ as a way to open labour market” in partnership with the District Occupational Activity Facility in Styków. The

The planned project completion date is 30.09.2020.

On March 25th in Madrid (Spain) the first transnational partners meeting under the project “Read, Summarize, Verify and Publish” was held. SIR was represented by Michał Kosecki (Vice-president) and Konrad Materek (Treasurer). The project is implemented under the Erasmus + Programme.

On the 25th of January in Nicosia (Cyprus) the second transnational partners meeting under the project “YESS – Youth Enterprise Shadowing Schemes” took place. SIR was represented by Michał Kosecki (Vice-president) and Konrad Materek (Treasurer). The project is implemented under the Erasmus + programme.


On 25 June a change of the Board of Directors of the Association Integration and Development took place. The current Board is represented by: Paweł Cycuła (President), Michał Kosecki (Vice President), Konrad Materek (Treasurer).

On the 25th of May in the headquarters of the project leader (SIR), the first transnational partners meeting took place under the project “YESS – Youth Enterprise Shadowing Schemes”. The project is implemented within the Erasmus + programme.

On 01 May we started the implementation of the project “Świętokrzyski Fund of Young Initiatives – III edition”, in which we plan to award 1620 micro-grants for various local initiatives in the Świętokrzyskie province.

On 01 February we began implementation of the project “Modern vocational training as a chance for your successful debut in the labour market!” under which we plan to cover a comprehensive support 180 students from two schools in the province of Mazovia


On 14 March was held the kick-off conference starting the project “Combating unemployment through the partnership of local actors“.

On 6 March was held the final international conference closing the project “Robotics and logic games as the key for youth the entrepreneurship and success in the labour market“.



In December SIR started the Opportunities creator” project supporting students and teachers from schools in opatów.

In November SIR started the project “Care for children – employment for parents”. Project web site www.dzienny-opiekun.pl

In July SIR started the “Common centre, family andObraz 031 development – support programme for the families from Zagnańsk community” which aim is to establish two community centres in Umer and Samsonów.

zdjecieOn 7-8 of July 2016 Mr Sebastian Gralec (President of the Board) and Mr Karol Rudny (Treasurer) attended the project final conference and the partners meeting under the project “RECREATE: Counselling via Social Media“.


logo5aIn the mid of September SIR started the “Robotics and logic games as the key for youth to the entrepreneurship and success in the labour market” project under the Erasmus + Programme. Project web site www.roboeducation.sir.com.pl

baner_1_1418660635In September the Accreditation Committee recommended the consortium Kielecki Inkubator Ekonomii Społecznej (SIR ia a Leader) to receive the accreditation of Social Economy Support Center (OWES).

DSCN3390In August SIR office was located at Warszawska 27/1 in Kielce.

Sebastian Gralec (President of the Board) and Monika Balicka (Project Specialist) were selected representatives of the NGO’s in the Monitoring Committee RPO WŚ 2014-2020.

federacjaszansa2Świętokrzyskie Non-governmental Educational Actors Federation „SZANSA” was officially established in Kielce on March, 20.

Świętokrzyskie Non-governmental Actors Federation “Horyzont” was officially established in Kielce on February, 27.


In September SIR started the Świętokrzyski Fund for New Initiatives project realization whose main aim is to provide newly established NGOs (lasting no longer than 18 months) and fio-logo-mnon-formal groups with grants.

In September SIR started the Świętokrzyskie’s Centres for the NGO’s project to improve walne_zalozenie3the development of the Third Sector in the Swietokrzyskie Voivodship by direct support- establishment of new Third Sector Organisations.

In September SIR started cooperation within the international project “Recreate:rc-300 Counselling via Social Media” which aim is to create and popularize a tool aiding the work of career counsellors and career advisers through the usage of widely available social media.

k.rudny_k.kiesz.SIR served as an Erasmus + Consulting Point according to the agreement with FRSE.federacjaSZANSA

In August SIR started Świętokrzyskie’s Networking Centres for the Non-Governmental Sector Running Learning Institutions.

In July SIR started the “Virtual experience – real change” project realization supporting youth workers and teachers of business education among youth.

IMG_3456In May SIR started the “Seniors in Action” project realization encouraging and inspiring Kielce residents at the age 60+ to develop their interests and passions.


In October SIR started the “Potential – profession – employment” project realization dedicated to students of the second year at H. Chrzanowska Medical Sciences College, residents of Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship.

In August SIR started “I am professional – I have a job” supporting the youth of secondary school in Starachowice development with including innovative models of solutions to facilitate entry into the labour market young peoples.

In August SIR started the “Social cooperatives” project realization to reduce the social exclusion and improve and develop the social economy sector by direct support- establishment of 3 new social cooperatives.wizytastudyjna turkow

SIR organized a study visit for representatives of the Turkish Government in Warsaw under Technical Assistance for Capacity Improvement in the Economic and Social Cohesion (ESC) Policy (Phase II)”.

1SIR representatives participated in the European Forum of Welfare in Poiana Braşov (Romania).

SIR receives the Certificate of Employment Agency extending the scope of association activities: work agency, personal and occupational consulting.

SIR started the “Yesterday exclusion, employment tomorrow” project realization supporting teachers from 4 lower secondary schools for Students with Special Needs and 4 Youth Educational Centres from Swietokrzyskie Voivodship.


In November SIR started the “IT trainings a chance for career” project supporting the residents of the Świętokrzyskie region with only secondary education in entering the labour market.

In November SIR started the “New profession – a chance for an employment” project realization upgrading skills of farmers and their family members who live in rural areas, urban-rural and cities to 25 thousand residents.

KIES2011In July SIR established Social Economy Incubator to improve the activity of the Social Economy Sector by provision of technical and administrative support.

In June SIR started the “Youth Entrepreneurial Incubator” project realization providing students of the vocational secondary schools from the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship and Masovian Voivodeship (Radom subregion) with the theoretical and practical knowledge about running a business.

In May SIR played host to the representatives of the labour market within the “Activation of the labour market in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. During the meeting, all the participants discussed entrepreneurship and Bosnia...exchanging good practices.

SIR took part in V Job Center Employment – Career – Development.EFSkonferencja

SIR together with “Grono Targowe Kielce” started the investment web portal (www.invest.gronotargowe.pl) – a platform of exchanging communication between the private sector and local government.


SIR in November started the “Jedrzejowski business” project realization to support the Jędrzejów residents in registring and running their own business.

SIR in September started the “Innovative business” project realization supporting student and academic society in registring their own business.

SIR took part in Regional Knowledge Fairs Science for Business. During the event, SIR presented all past and ongoing projects.KlubInnowacji

SIR received Business Institutions Club Card.

In April SIR started the “Work for Women” project realization increasing the professional potential and improving the social position of long-term unemployed women endangered with social exclusion.

SIR was entitled to grant to a project realization which aim was to create the Training Centre in Croatia.

portal inwestycyjnySIR signed an agreement with Grono Targowe “Kielce” to design and run the Economic  Portal of Świętkorzyskie Region.

In August SIR started the “Work pays off” project realization improving the professional potential of the unemployed people endangered with social exclusion by vocational training, counselling and advisory sessions.


Prof.HansSIR hosted professor Hans Goldbrunner – a specialist of the social economy who cooperated with non-governmental organizations in whole Europe.

In April SIR started the “Agrotourism – a chance to develop Zagnańsk Communeproject improving the situation of unemployed rural residents from Zagnansk Commune.

In January SIR started the “My own business” project (three editions) realization supporting the inhabitants of Świętokrzyskie region in registering and running their own business.


roefsIn November SIR established Regional EFS Centre in Kielce.

Obraz-005In August SIR office was located at Śniadeckich 30/5, 25-366 Kielce.

In January SIR became a founder and a member of “Grono Targowe Kielce”. The main aim of the new institution was to cooperate and strengthen competitiveness between actors providing fair service.


In June SIR started “Święto parlamentaryzmu Polskiego” project.


In August SIR started the pilot programme LEADER + “Chęciny Partnership” realization. The main aim of the project was to support and activate the residents of the Chęciny community. In the end, they established the local association – LGD Chęciny Partnership.


In September SIR started “The Youth Self-employment as an impetus to the Świetokrzyskie region development” project which main aim was to prepare the youth to run their own businesses.


fundacjafunduszSIR established cooperation with Fundacją Fundusz Współpracy (Cooperation Fundation Fund) what made possibe to establish Forum Aktywizacji Obszarów Wiejskich (Activisation of Rural Areas Forum).


SIR started the “Training for managers of producers group” project providing the inhabitants of the rural areas with managing skills.


SIR started the “Rural Communities Representatives” project realization preparing the target group to represent their interest in cooperation with the local and national authorities.

SIR started the “Small enterprise – sales specialist with computer skills” project realization to support the target group and fight race and economic discrimination.ZARZAD2004-6

SIR started the “My start in enterprising” project realization to retrain the rural youth to run non-auricular activities.

SIR was officially established in Kielce on June, 21.