Strenght in action – social participation of eldery people in Świętokrzyskie region (01.05.2022 – 31.12.2022), Active+ for 2021-2025



The project called “Strenght in action – social participation of elderly people in Świętokrzyskie region” is co-financed from the funds of the government’s long-term program for the elderly “Active+” for 2021-2025. The total funding is 120 184,00 PLN, and the total value of the task is 133 684,00 PLN.

Project dates: 01.05. – 31.12.2022.

The objective of the project: The goal of the task is to support 60 economically inactive people aged 60 and over, including people with disabilities, from the Świętokrzyskie province in the period May – December 2022 in the area of active social participation, by strengthening their competencies and skills in the preparation and implementation of social activities for the entire environment of people in the target group and issues important to them, and acquiring skills in online communication.

Target group: Support in the project will be provided to 60 elderly people (aged 60 and older), economically inactive, residing in the Świętokrzyskie region, including persons with disabilities.

Type of support offered under the project: The project includes training and animation-counseling activities preparing participants for the role of self-advocates, strengthening social participation of elderly people in the Świętokrzyskie province, and acquiring skills in online communication. There will also be animation and counseling activities to support Project Participants in preparing project proposals and creating formalized and informal action groups. Comprehensive preparation of the participants includes the transfer of knowledge, acquisition of skills, and then the opportunity to use this in practice and experience the effects of their work.

As a result of the project activities, 60 elderly people ( including those with disabilities) will be trained in conducting social activities, including the role of self-advocacy and online communication. Project participants will prepare 6 project proposals or initiatives that can be submitted to the civic budget of municipalities in the Świętokrzyskie province or other sources of funding, as well as create 2 formalized groups working on behalf of the elderly or issues important to them. The project will also develop training materials that will be made available to project participants and other interested parties.

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