I am a professional – I have a job (01.08.2012 – 30.07.2012), EFS POKL 9.2, budget 696 890,35 PLN


Project dates: 01. 08. 2012 – 30. 07. 2012.
Target group: the students of technical institute.
Objective of the project: to provide the target group with practical trainings related to their learning process.


Within the project the target group were provided with one of chosen courses:

1.  Administration of computer networks,
2.  Auto CAD (with the ECDL exam),
3.  Website designer,
4. Photoshop course,
5. CNC machinist,
6. PRO course,
7. Fidelio program course,
8. New technologies in construction,
9. ECDL Core couse with an exam,
10. Driving lessons with an exam.

Within the project were organized extracurricular activities: special training activities, apprenticeships and Career Centre. The target group han an opportunity to attend compensatory classes (mathematics, the English/Polish/German language).