Agrotourism – a chance to develop Zagnansk Commune (01.04.2009 – 31.08.2009), EFS POKL 6.3, budget 49 960,00 PLN


Project dates: 01.04.2009 – 31.08.2009.
Target group: the inhabitants of the Commune who wanted to improve their skills in starting and running an agrotourism farm.
Objectives of the project: to improve the situation of unemployed rural residents from Zagnansk Commune.

The project participants developed their skills and improve knowledge on running own business. During the project they attended to a 140-hour training for tourism. The training program included, inter alia, the following topics: legal considerations of rural tourism services, issues related to the establishment and operation of agro tourism, the construction of a business plan, sources of finance for tourism, accounting, promotion and advertising, hippo therapy as one of the most attractive services on a farm. The module of English, led by professional lectuerer, enabled participants to acquire basic knowledge of vocabulary related to tourism and rural tourism.
Also in the project framework a 2-day study trip to the Organic Farm “World of Ponies” in Baltowska Wolka were foreseen. During this trip all participants learned about the practical aspects of the operation of such farm and was an opportunity to explore different types of services and ways to spend time offered to the guests. Workshops organized by SIR underlined the practical use of knowledge acquired during the training.