The work pays off (01.08.2008 – 31.05.2009) EFS POKL7.2.1, budget 480 484, 61 PLN

Project dates: 01.08.2008 – 31.05.2009.
Target group: unemployed who are endangered with social eclusion.
Objectives of the project: to improve the professional potential of the unemployed people endangered with social exclusion by vocational trainings, counseling and advisory sessions.
Within the project the the target group had an opportunity to develop  skills and knowledge attending vocational counselling and courses. They could chosse one of the four following trainings:- Office worker and computer software applications – 120 hours of classes,

1. Accounting and computer use (120 hours of classes),
2. Warehouse worker with forklift handling (160 hours of classes)  course finished with an exam under the Office of Technical Inspection standards
3. Backhoe loader Operator Class III (200 hours of classes) – course finished with an exam under the Institute of Mechanized Construction and Rock Mining standards.
4. Office worker with comuter use (120 hours).